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Please watch the complete 12 minute video above for important information on our 2021-22 School Year 
Also, review all information below and be sure to mark your 

  • Synovia Tablet: Punch in and Pretrip*
    You must login and logout to any bus you are driving each day and perform a thorough pre-trip inspection

  • Click here for instructional video:     

  • ALWAYS complete your child check after your last stop. Make sure you are parked safely and walk to the back of the vehicle and check for sleeping children.

  • Do not rely solely on your directions. What your route shows and what you find on the roadways could differ. PLEASE DO A DRY RUN OF YOUR ROUTE to avoid complications and mistakes. Be stress free and safe! 

  • Two Way radio: Make sure your volume is at a proper level and you are the correct channel.
    Click here for video on radio operation

  • Bus Aides: Sit in the middle or rear of the bus in order to most effectively monitor your passengers. Assist the driver as instructed with bus disinfection, loading/unloading passengers


We are requiring all drivers to complete the following training by September 30, 2021. Total time to complete both courses is one hour


Look for the training on Safe Bus Stops & LLLC Defensive Driving

Click the ENROLL FOR FREE button and follow instructions that follow 

You w

You will receive compensation upon successful completion of both courses. This is mandatory. Click the courses buttons for further instruction:

2021-09-01 11_02_17-Holcomb Training.jpg
2021-09-01 11_02_51-Holcomb Training.jpg

Thank you and let's have a
SAFE School Year

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