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Welcome to Holcomb's first ever Virtual Back to School meeting.
We wish we could do this in person but circumstances require us to get a little more creative. We've put together a series of videos from AJ/George and the management team that provide important and necessary information to get the new school year underway.   

We are asking that you watch the entire series of presentations
by clicking the center of video box below. The entire program is 35 minutes long.

there is a short pause between videos so please be patient *

At the end of the presentation you will be given instructions on how to enter your name to ensure you register your attendance and receive pay for this meeting .
This will be included in your first paycheck .

The After you watch the complete presentation above watch the short videos below for more detailed information on some of the new and mandatory processes that were discussed.

Two-Way Radio Operation


Synovia Training Video


Bus Disinfecting

disinfect bus pic.jpg

Payroll App Tutorial

payroill app icon.jpg
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