Many schools will soon resume in-person instruction. The activity in our yards and on the roads will begin to get closer to what was normal. It’s time for a refresher...

Key Items

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory while on duty.

  • Your orange safety vest MUST be worn while on company property and while in your vehicle. This is for your safety and the safety of our passengers

  • Synovia Tablet: Punch in and Pretrip*
    You must login and logout to any bus you are driving each day and perform a thorough pre-trip inspection

  • Click here for instructional video:     

  • ALWAYS complete your child check after your last stop. Make sure you are parked safely and walk to the back of the vehicle and check for sleeping children.

  • Two Way radio: Make sure your volume is at a proper level and you are the correct channel.
    Click here for video on radio operation

  • Bus Aides: Sit in the middle or rear of the bus in order to most effectively monitor your passengers. Assist the driver as instructed with bus disinfection, loading/unloading passengers


We are requiring all drivers to complete the following online training by Monday January 26rd. You will receive one-hour pay upon successful completion. This is mandatory. Click the links below for further instruction:

Thank you and let's have a SAFE
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